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Crafting Whiter, Brighter Smiles

Improving the color and dullness of your teeth can enhance your appearance and self-confidence! Whether you want to look special for an upcoming event or simply want to improve the aesthetics of your face, our teeth whitening treatments can help you achieve your desired goals. Discolored teeth remain one of the most common and easiest cosmetic dental problems to treat. If you’re insecure about the way your teeth look, don’t hesitate to reach out to our helpful staff.

Interested in learning more about our Austin teeth whitening services? Contact professionals at Anne Lyon, DDS by calling (512) 488-4778 today.

Professional Teeth Whitening vs. OTC Whitening Solutions

As we age, our teeth become worn out, in both the functionality and appearance of our mouths. Drinking coffee and tea on a regular basis or smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol all play a role in staining your teeth. Over-the-counter whitening products tend to be less effective and may cause more harm to your teeth if applied incorrectly. That’s why we recommend coming into our office to have an expert examine your condition and determine whether or not a professional whitening service is needed.

Here are some common benefits of a professional Austin teeth whitening service:

  • Guaranteed Results: When you have a licensed oral specialist handling your whitening products, it’s much faster and more effective than at-home solutions. Plus, results are reliable, and you’ll have long-lasting maintenance suggestions from a professional.
  • Safer Treatment: At-home whitening remedies must be applied carefully, or you can irritate the gums, putting you at higher risk of periodontal disease. Our whitening service is safer since we have experts to not only perform the treatment accurately, but also monitor the progression to ensure your teeth will not be exposed to any damage.
  • Personalized Treatment: OTC products are generally a one-size-fits-all type of product. That’s why whitening strips tend to be less effective. In our office, our dentist will make an impression of your teeth prior to the whitening procedure.

How Long Will My Teeth Whitening Last?

A teeth whitening performed by a dental professional can potentially last anywhere between 6 months and 3 years. This is heavily dependent on the patient's oral health. It is recommended that the patient limit the intake of foods or drinks that could stain their teeth, such as coffee or red wine. Refrain from smoking or using any tobacco product. The professionals at Anne Lyon, DDS can also recommend a toothpaste that is right for you.

Choosing the Right Provider

When finding the right dentist, it’s important to look for a specialist that goes beyond basic patient expectations. You need a professional who not only impacts your oral health but is always looking out for your best interest. We hope that, when you exit our office, you’ve not only achieved the results of your dreams, but you’ve made a positive and lasting relationship with us.

Contact us online or dial (512) 488-4778 to speak with one of our staff members and book a free consultation for Austin teeth whitening services.

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